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Dragon Scale – Pink and Green Pipe
The Dragon Scale Pipe is constructed from high-quality handblown glass. It's pink with dragon green details. It's a classic spoon/bowl design. Because Dragon Scale is handmade expect slight variations in ...
Panda Pipe
The Panda Pipe is constructed from high-quality glass and measures approx 4 inches. 
Lullaby – Translucent Blue Pipe
The Lullaby is a traditional glass spoon handblown from a translucent blue glass. The Lullaby is handblown so expect slight variations in colors and patterns.
Sophisticate – Pink Glass Pipe
Product Name: Sophisticate – Delicate Pink Glass Pipe  The Sophisticate is a classic glass spoon/bowl style pipe constructed from transparent pink glass. The Sophisticate is hand blown, this means patterns ...
Baby Pink Mini Pipe
The Baby Pink Mini Pipe measures 3.7 inches and is constructed of delicate pink glass. It's a bowl/spoon style pipe.
Pretty Kitty Pipe
This Pretty Kitty Pipe measures just under 4 inches. This elegant pipe is constructed in a feminine bowl style featuring an adorable glass cat head.