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The Hopper – Little Frog Pipe
Product Name: The Hopper – Little Frog Pipe The Hopper is an adorable smoking pipe. This animal shaped pipe is handmade from beautiful decorative glass that measures about 10 cm ...
Iridescent Jellyfish – Glass Pipe
Product Name: Iridescent Jellyfish – Glass Bowl The Iridescent Jellyfish is a hand blown spoon-style pipe that measures approximately 3.75 inches. Because this piece is handmade, expect variations in colors ...
Retro Streak – Heady Glass Spoon
Product Name: Retro Streak – Heady Glass Spoon The Retro Streak is a 4″ handmade pipe made of heady glass. Because this piece is handmade, expect variations in colors and ...
Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Pipe
This Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Pipe is made of all natural crystal. It measures approximately 8-11 cm. Rainbow Fluorite radiates healing positive energy adding a little magic to your smoke sesh. ...
Natural Amethyst Pipe
The Natural Amethyst Crystal Pipe is made of all natural amethyst crystal. Benefits of Natural Amethyst Natural Amethyst is a stone of tranquility and carries powerful healing energies. It's well ...
Yertle the Turtle Pipe
The Yertle The Turtle Pipe is an adorable glass piece. This pipe is made of gorgeous blue glass and is adorned with a miniature turtle figure.
Leopard Print Glass Pipe
This Leopard Print Glass Pipe is designed in the classic spoon shape and measures approximately 4 inches in length. This piece is handmade so colors and patterns may vary.
Springtime – Exquisite Glass Spoon
Springtime is an exquisite hand-made glass pipe that measures about 4.3 inches in a classic spoon shape. Because this piece is handmade, the patterns and colors may vary slightly.  
Bee-High – Glass Pipe
This Bee-High pipe is handcrafted from yellow and black glass. It’s an adorable bee-shaped glass piece.
Floral Elegance – Pink Glass Pipe
Floral Elegance is hand blown from high-quality glass. She measures just under 4 inches. Because she's handmade, expect slight variations in colors and patterns of this piece.
Cinna-Mini Pipe
The Cinna-Mini Pipe is made from high-quality hand blown glass with cinnamon red streaks and swirls. This red pipe is tiny measuring 7 cm (or less than 3 inches). Because ...
Sweet Streak – Pink Striated Pipe
Sweet Streak is a pretty glass bowl/glass spoon handblown from pink glass with a ribbon of darker pink glass swirled throughout. She's petite, measuring approximately 3 inches.  Because she's handmade, ...