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Bee-High – Glass Pipe
This Bee-High pipe is handcrafted from yellow and black glass. It’s an adorable bee-shaped glass piece.
Tiger Eye Natural Stone Pipe
Benefits of Tiger Eye Tiger Eye is the stone of optimism and has been known to bring luck and prosperity to the user. It has powerful energies associated with the ...
The Hopper – Little Frog Pipe
Product Name: The Hopper – Little Frog Pipe The Hopper is an adorable smoking pipe. This animal shaped pipe is handmade from beautiful decorative glass that measures about 10 cm ...
Sweet Streak – Pink Striated Pipe
Sweet Streak is a pretty glass bowl/glass spoon handblown from pink glass with a ribbon of darker pink glass swirled throughout. She's petite, measuring approximately 3 inches.  Because she's handmade, ...
Baby Pink Mini Pipe
The Baby Pink Mini Pipe measures 3.7 inches and is constructed of delicate pink glass. It's a bowl/spoon style pipe.
Lapis Lazuli Natural Stone Pipe
Benefits of Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli enhances creativity and imagination and helps manifest dreams. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of the throat chakra, it's thought to help you speak up and truthfully ...
Leopard Print Glass Pipe
This Leopard Print Glass Pipe is designed in the classic spoon shape and measures approximately 4 inches in length. This piece is handmade so colors and patterns may vary.
Pretty Kitty Pipe
This Pretty Kitty Pipe measures just under 4 inches. This elegant pipe is constructed in a feminine bowl style featuring an adorable glass cat head.
Cumulus – Thick Glass Pipe
The Cumulus is a hand made pipe, constructed from thick heavy glass. She's a powerful piece. Her design features colorful glass cabling and dreamy sparks of blue, yellow, and red. ...
Pollyanna Penguin Pipe
Pollyanna is adorable. This penguin-shaped pipe measures approximately 3.5 inches tall and is constructed of high-quality black and white glass featuring yellow and red accents.
Just Chillin – Salamander Mini Pipe
Just Chillin is an amber-colored glass spoon with an adorable salamander just chillin' on the edge. She's handmade from high-quality glass and measures just shy of 4 inches.
Floral Elegance – Pink Glass Pipe
Floral Elegance is hand blown from high-quality glass. She measures just under 4 inches. Because she's handmade, expect slight variations in colors and patterns of this piece.