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Dauntless – Sherlock Style Bubbler Pipe
The Dauntless Bubbler is made from colorful think glass. It's a Sherlock-style water pipe that measures approx 17cm high.
Provincial – Heady Hammer Style Bubbler
The Provincial is a hammer-style heady glass bubbler. This heady water pipe measures approximately 19.5 cm.
Pretty Kitty Bong
The Pretty Kitty Bong is an 11.5 Inch pink glass water pipe with an INLINE cat head perc. Perfect for cat lovers.
Hello Kitty Beaker Bong – Pink Glass
This pink hello kitty beaker bong is made from pink glass. It stands approximately 10 inches high. It has a pink base, pink downstem , pink glass bowl, and a ...
Lilac Dusk Glass Bong
The Lilac Dusk is a pretty lavender glass water pipe. This pretty glass piece is made from high-quality, lavender colored glass. This medium sized bong is durable, elegant, and hits really ...