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Swank – Glossy Black Bubbler
The Swank is a glossy black Sherlock-style bubbler.
Iridescent Jellyfish – Glass Pipe
Product Name: Iridescent Jellyfish – Glass Bowl The Iridescent Jellyfish is a hand blown spoon-style pipe that measures approximately 3.75 inches. Because this piece is handmade, expect variations in colors ...
Retro Streak – Heady Glass Spoon
Product Name: Retro Streak – Heady Glass Spoon The Retro Streak is a 4″ handmade pipe made of heady glass. Because this piece is handmade, expect variations in colors and ...
Clear Skies Ahead – Translucent Mini Bong
Product: Clear Skies Ahead - Translucent Mini Bong  Clear Skies Ahead is a crystal clear mini bong that measures approximately 6 inches. It features 14 mm glass bowl and a ...
Vortex – Purple Glass Recycler
The Vortex is a purple glass recycler. It comes with a glass bowl but can be replacing the bowl with a 14 banger, transition piece transitions into an oil rig for ...
Orion – Blue and White Percolator Bong
The Orion is a gorgeous water pipe constructed of blue and white heady glass. She stands approximately 10 inches and features an 18 mm glass bowl for smoking dried herb.
Blue Elephant Pipe
The Blue Elephant Pipe is made of translucent glass twisted with classic stripes. She measures about 5 inches and comes in two colors.
High on Love – Rose Quartz Heart Pipe
Add a little love to your life with this heart-shaped pipe constructed of natural rose quartz. Rose quartz is a stone of the heart and radiates feminine energy. The High ...
Sweet as Candy – Bright Colored Percolator ...
The Sweet as Candy Percolator Bong is constructed of translucent glass and is detailed with bright candy-colored stripes. She's equipped with a bowl for dry herb with an 18 mm joint. This ...
Gas Mask Bong – Silicone
Product Name: Gas Mask Bong – Silicone The Gas Mask Bong is a unique smoking apparatus made of food-safe, high-quality silicone. This unique bong also glows in the dark. It ...
Cinna-Mini Pipe
The Cinna-Mini Pipe is made from high-quality hand blown glass with cinnamon red streaks and swirls. This red pipe is tiny measuring 7 cm (or less than 3 inches). Because ...
Fairyland – Pink Triple Recycler
Fairyland is a gorgeous pink glass bong/oil rig. This pretty lady is grand, standing at 17 inches high. She features three ornate mushroom-shaped diffusers. Fairyland includes a glass bowl that ...