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Sophisticate – Pink Glass Pipe
Product Name: Sophisticate – Delicate Pink Glass Pipe  The Sophisticate is a classic glass spoon/bowl style pipe constructed from transparent pink glass. The Sophisticate is hand blown, this means patterns ...
Fearless – Pink, Black, & White Glass Bong
Product Name: Fearless – Pink, Black, & White Glass Bong The Fearless is made of pink, black, and white glass. It’s a percolator style water pipe that measures almost nine ...
Grace – Pretty Pastel Bong
The Grace bong features pastel multi-colored glass in pretty pastel shades detailed with ornate gold pinstripes. It stands nearly 20 inches tall and includes a glass bowl. The bowl can ...
Hello Kitty Beaker Bong – Pink Glass
This pink hello kitty beaker bong is made from pink glass. It stands approximately 10 inches high. It has a pink base, pink downstem , pink glass bowl, and a ...