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Sweet as Candy – Bright Colored Percolator ...
The Sweet as Candy Percolator Bong is constructed of translucent glass and is detailed with bright candy-colored stripes. She's equipped with a bowl for dry herb with an 18 mm joint. This ...
Honeycomb Classic – Bong or Oil Rig
The Honeycomb Classic Percolator Bong or Oil Rig comes in thee colors. It's also available with a bowl for dry herb or a dome for concentrates (both have a 14 mm ...
Gas Mask Bong – Silicone
Product Name: Gas Mask Bong – Silicone The Gas Mask Bong is a unique smoking apparatus made of food-safe, high-quality silicone. This unique bong also glows in the dark. It ...
Stately – Straight Tube Beaker Bong
Product Name: The Stately – Straight Tube Beaker Bong The Stately is a straight tube beaker bong available in green or blue. It features a 18 mm glass bowl. The ...
Springtime – Exquisite Glass Spoon
Springtime is an exquisite hand-made glass pipe that measures about 4.3 inches in a classic spoon shape. Because this piece is handmade, the patterns and colors may vary slightly.  
Simplicity – Classic Beaker Bong
Simplicity is a classic beaker bong made of high-quality class. She ‘s available in five colors. Pink and Blue are available via Priority Shipping.
Floral Elegance – Pink Glass Pipe
Floral Elegance is hand blown from high-quality glass. She measures just under 4 inches. Because she's handmade, expect slight variations in colors and patterns of this piece.