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Blue Elephant Pipe
The Blue Elephant Pipe is made of translucent glass twisted with classic stripes. She measures about 5 inches and comes in two colors.
Opal Natural Stone Pipe
Benefits of Opal Opal is the stone of happy dreams fortifying personal and professional relationships. It can help enhance self-confidence, self-worth, and has been long associated with loyalty and faithfulness. ...
Sweet as Candy – Bright Colored Percolator ...
The Sweet as Candy Percolator Bong is constructed of translucent glass and is detailed with bright candy-colored stripes. She's equipped with a bowl for dry herb with an 18 mm joint. This ...
Gas Mask Bong – Silicone (Pink and Blue Mixed)
Product Name: Gas Mask Bong – Silicone The Gas Mask Bong is a unique smoking apparatus made of food-safe, high-quality silicone. This unique bong also glows in the dark. It ...
Natural Amethyst Pipe
The Natural Amethyst Crystal Pipe is made of all natural amethyst crystal. Benefits of Natural Amethyst Natural Amethyst is a stone of tranquility and carries powerful healing energies. It's well ...
Fairyland – Pink Triple Recycler
Fairyland is a gorgeous pink glass bong/oil rig. This pretty lady is grand, standing at 17 inches high. She features three ornate mushroom-shaped diffusers. Fairyland includes a glass bowl that ...
Simplicity – Classic Beaker Bong BLUE
Simplicity is a classic beaker bong made of high-quality class. This is the blue version.  
Yertle the Turtle Pipe
The Yertle The Turtle Pipe is an adorable glass piece. This pipe is made of gorgeous blue glass and is adorned with a miniature turtle figure.
Natural Rose Quartz Stone Pipe
Rose quartz is a stone of the heart and radiates feminine energy. Enhance your compassion and open your heart chakra with this of beautiful pink stone.   Benefits of Rose Quartz ...
Little Duck Dabber – Decorative Piece
The Little Duck Dabber is an adorable dabbing rig. It's constructed from a delicate amber glass and stands about 4 inches tall. NOTE: This item is available via priority mail ...
Sweet Streak – Pink Striated Pipe
Sweet Streak is a pretty glass bowl/glass spoon handblown from pink glass with a ribbon of darker pink glass swirled throughout. She's petite, measuring approximately 3 inches.  Because she's handmade, ...
Pretty Kitty Bong
The Pretty Kitty Bong is an 11.5 Inch pink glass water pipe with an INLINE cat head perc. Perfect for cat lovers.