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Sweet as Candy – Bright Colored Percolator ...
The Sweet as Candy Percolator Bong is constructed of translucent glass and is detailed with bright candy-colored stripes. She's equipped with a bowl for dry herb with an 18 mm joint. This ...
Honeycomb Classic – Bong or Oil Rig
The Honeycomb Classic Percolator Bong or Oil Rig comes in thee colors. It's also available with a bowl for dry herb or a dome for concentrates (both have a 14 mm ...
Imaginarium – Heady Mini Bong
The Imaginarium is a Heady Glass Mini Bong that measures only six inches. The design features multiple vibrant colors and ornate glass flower details. The small size of this bong ...
Teal Bong with Sprinkler-Style Percolator
Sophisticated and serene. Our Teal Bong features a sprinkler-style percolator. She's equipped with a 14 mm joint and teal bowl for dry herb.
Pretty Kitty Bong
The Pretty Kitty Bong is an 11.5 Inch pink glass water pipe with an INLINE cat head perc. Perfect for cat lovers.
The Commander – Straight Tube Beaker Bong
Product Name: The Commander– Straight Tube Beaker Bong The Commander is a statuesque, straight-tube beaker bong with a double percolator. She's available in green or blue. She's assembled from four ...
Revelry – Statuesque Purple Bong
The Revelry – Statuesque Purple Bong measures approximately 17 inches tall and features a female 18mm joint. It's constructed of high-quality purple glass.
Stamina – Tall Teal Bong
Product Name: Stamina - Tall Teal Bong Stamina is a statuesque teal bong that measures almost 14 inches and features a double percolator. Stamina is a statuesque, straight-tube beaker bong ...
Grace – Pretty Pastel Bong
The Grace bong features pastel multi-colored glass in pretty pastel shades detailed with ornate gold pinstripes. It stands nearly 20 inches tall and includes a glass bowl. The bowl can ...
Dazzle – Silver-Fumed Color-Changing Bong
Dazzle is a gorgeous silver-fumed, color-changing beaker bong in a rich blue hue. She stands approximately 26 cms tall and features and inline percolator and beaker-style base. The Dazzle is ...
Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Starship Water Pipe
This handblown piece from Famous Brandz is compact measuring 6″ high. She features translucent glass with purple detailing. She is wax and herb compatible with a wide base and straight neck.
Fearless – Pink, Black, & White Glass Bong
Product Name: Fearless – Pink, Black, & White Glass Bong The Fearless is made of pink, black, and white glass. It’s a percolator style water pipe that measures almost nine ...